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Women Working: Bearfoot Yoga & Wellness Center

Hey Y’all,
Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to showcase a few women who are making there way as small business owners and doing it proudly. First I would like to spotlight a good friend of mine Gina DiMassi who parlayed her passion into her profession. 
MrsDeveter: What is the name and focus of your business?
Gina: I am pleased to introduce Bearfoot Yoga & Wellness Center. Our focus is on practicing yoga as a means for self-development and awareness while becoming a part of the larger community of like-minded people who are on the path towards a more balanced and peaceful life. We are a family-friendly environment including a babysitting room. One of our goals is for kids to see their parents taking time for themselves in healthy ways while meeting other parents and kids to build connections within their community.
MrsDeveter:Prior to starting your business what was your 9-5? 
Gina:I was a graphic designer at Penguin Publishing designing children’s books for many years before I became a yoga teacher 5 years ago after the birth of my second son. Yoga has been a passion and practice of mine for 10 years.
MrsDeveter: What made you venture out and become an entrepreneur? 
Gina:I saw the need for a traditional yoga studio that was family friendly because I was craving a larger community that my sons could be a part of with me. There are many yoga studios out there but most of them do not include babysitting and the local moms that I’ve met were all working out at the gym for this reason alone. I knew how much yoga had helped me get through the ups and downs of early motherhood and marriage so I wanted to create a space where that supportive environment could flourish.

MrsDeveter:Who and what inspires you?

Gina: I am inspired daily by so many things it’s hard to keep track! My primary inspiration is Mother Nature, I am always in awe of her power and beauty to create life, looking at my kids every day and watching them grow and change is a big source inspiration and motivation for me. My yoga teachers, in their many shapes and forms, for their power to invoke in me the deep hunger for peace in my heart.
MrsDeveter: As a business owner what is the one thing that keeps you up at night besides, turning a profit? 
Gina:The urgent need to create a community where I live to unite the growing population of people who are committed to changing the way they live in this world.

MrsDeveter: What is some advice that you would give someone who wants to start a business?

Gina:Do Yoga! My practice has helped me stay grounded and focused on the positive when things start to seem like they are spiraling out of control or if I start to get worried about finances. Taking the time for myself to get enough rest and eat healthy food and spend time with my kids also helps me stay sharp and be the most productive.
The Bearfoot Yoga & Wellness Center will open the first week of May. Please check Gina out on Facebook and “Like” her and be sure to visit her site for updates on our progress and special pre-opening discounts.
Until next time…

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