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Lessons of a "Stay at Home Mom"

Hey Y’all:

The saying is so true. You have to be careful what you ask for because you might just get it and everything that comes with the package. So before you put it out in the atmosphere make sure you are ready for it… I share this because around this time last year I wrote a post about my desire to be a stay at home mom. Little did I know that my wish would come true. After 3 yrs of blood (from paper cuts), sweat (the office could get a little hot) and tears (my colleagues/friends and I would laugh at the antics of upper management until we cried) my position was eliminated. So here I sit a month unemployed and a bonafided stay at home mom; honestly I don’t know how I was doing all that I was doing while working. I must have been dead tired and didn’t know it. I mean I was out of the house from 7:15 AM until 7:30 PM still helped with homework and projects, cooked dinner, washed clothes, blogged, played with the kiddies and completed my wifely duties (if you know what I mean). I say this because my days now are just as full! I am truly enjoying being at home with my kiddies (now) at first I gotta admit it was a bit of a struggle. You get so accustomed to having a out of home schedule that this staying at home stuff can wear you out. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Here are some of my SAHM lessons…

So Erick’s school is about five blocks away a 10 minute walk at best; but when you have two 3 yr olds in tow, who want to bring their Woody and Jessey hats along for the walk (on a windy day) you might want to leave early. Our usual 10 minute walk took about 20 mins and my poor boy was standing outside all alone waiting for us to come around the corner. I felt like such a bad mommy and almost cried. Normally when he sees Myles and Leah he runs to them and gives them a great big brotherly hug. This day he side swiped them and made a bee line to me …. he gave me a big hug and started to cry “Mommy I thought you forgot about me” he said…. ugh of course I blamed it on the twins but my lesson was learned.
Leave EARLY to pick Erick up from school when walking. Well I thought my lesson was learned, last week I forgot to pick him up from school early because of a half day! The school called while I was out window shopping with my mom and the twins. Thankfully he wasn’t the only kid left behind… oh and he got pretzels, he forgave me when he saw my tears…

Yesterday I took the twins on their first trip to the library and realized I wasn’t ready. These two 3 yr olds of mine are FULL of energy. The poor librarian kept saying “no rough housing” while they were flipping on the carpet. They ran to every book aisle and couldn’t get their inside voice just right, every time they spoke it was a really LOUD whisper. I learned my lesson and will only take them to the library during reading time or other structured library activities.
I am also learning that once the school day is over, homework is done and dinner has been served, dishes washed, kids are clean with night clothes on; I’m ready for BED! It’s only 8 PM and sleep is calling my name. But of course nobody else is tired. The twins won’t take a nap during the day so one would think they’d be just as tired as me, not so much! I figured the best way to kill time is reading and or watching a boring movie to make them sleepy.

I guess by the time I get a stay at home routine down I’ll be starting my new job… but for now I’m going to enjoy this quality time with my sweeties. Not sure if I’ll get it again while they are small.

Are you a stay at home mom/dad? How do you do it?????

Until next time…

2 replies on “Lessons of a "Stay at Home Mom"”

I loved reading your post Deveter, although I am not a stay at home parent or mom for that matter I can kinda relate… I am an infant/toddler teacher and I have eight little ones in my class ranging from 6 months-18 months and boy do I feel like a magician, nurse,actor, mom and dad all in one lol. As I'm seeing first hand the time flys bye when there that small so you've got the right idea to enjoy all of it while it lasts. 🙂


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