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Washing Machines are NOT for Cameras

Hey Folks:

I washed my camera.
No I didn’t take a damp cloth and wipe of the smudges that Erick left behind after taking 50 pictures of his Thomas train tracks; no I put it in the washing machine and washed it! Not on purpose of course but ’tis my life. A couple of Saturday’s ago I gathered up a bunch of clothes from the table to throw them in the wash before downloaded my latest flicks. Well guess what was in the bunch of clothes? Yup you got it my pink camera case, SD Reader and all. While the clothes were washing I kept hearing a thud in the machine while looking for my camera. I looked down at Myles my 3 yr old and said “I think mommy put her camera in the washing machine” he looked at me with his spectale’d face and said “oh no mommy, that’s not good”. I went into the laundry room, stopped the cycle and sloshed around in the cold water and pulled out my camera, almost cried.

My camera was a mother’s day gift from my mom. It wasn’t expensive but it was mine. It was ALWAYS with me. Whenever their was a random family gathering folks knew they could look to me to pull out my pink Sanyo and play paparazzi. My SD card has over 1000 pictures on it. Although I’m really good at uploading them to my computer I haven’t emptied in the card in a while.  I was crushed. I let it dry out and tried to put new batteries in it but nothing. Then I tried to use my SD reader to see if my SD card was shot and nothing… then I did cry. All my pictures were gone… so I thought. I let the SD card rest over the weekend and took it to work with me on Monday. I asked the Director of Multimedia to see if he could retrieve my pictures and he did! My SD card didn’t fail me woooooo hooooo. I couldn’t be happier.

Lesson learned? Pay close attention to what you have in your hand before you put anything in the wash.

What strange things have you put in the wash?

Until next time…

One reply on “Washing Machines are NOT for Cameras”

PHEW! So glad this story had a happy ending Deveter! I have washed random things from my son AJ's pockets: food/candy,action figures and other toys, crayons. Nothing as interesting as the camera. Anytime I do not know my camera is I will think of this story and smile.=)


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