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Twin Tuesday: School

Hey Y’all;

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Twin Tuesday; that doesn’t mean that the twins having been up to a whole lot because lord knows they are B U S Y.

Thankfully Leah’s hair is growing back after the “fun” hair cutting incident and she is having a blast in ballet school. Which leads me to the topic of the day. School.

Erick is in grade school
Leah is in dance school
And Myles is in Karate school … well in his mind he is!

My brilliant little boy has made up imaginary classmates, lessons and teacher. Poor thing wants to be in karate school so bad that he’s created the experience in his mind. When ever Erick is talking about his classmates or Leah is naming all the little girls in her class; Myles will say “my teacher told me to kick like this” or “my friend didn’t listen to the teacher in class today” it’s quite commical and rather sad that we haven’t found a REAL school for my baby boy! I love however that he’s so smart that he can create the entire experience in his mind and play it out for us.

Yesterday while driving home from church, Leah was talking about dance class and Myles of course chimmed in to talk about karate school; Erick had to shut him down by saying “Myles you don’t go to karate school” being the great big brother he is though he didn’t leave it at that, he encouraged him by saying… “maybe we can go to karate school with Richard”. Well Richard is my God son who lives in Richmond, VA; so I had to shut that down and convince them that I would find a karate school with them.

Until next time…

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