manual typewriter

Mommy What’s That???

Hey Y’all:
Over the summer my hubby had a radio interview at a college radio station. He was there to talk about his time at the Sugar Bar playing for Nick Ashford’s “Nuttin But the Blues”. This interview happened the weekend the legend died and I happened to be off work, the kids were down with Nana for their annual summer vacation so I was chilling. I decided not to sit in the studio while the interview went on… opting to catch up on some reading in the ‘green’ room. When I whipped out my book I heard a very distinct sound. I kept looking up at the young woman working on her computer assuming she had an old fashioned tone on her PC that made her feel nostalgic but no… I heard the very distinct sound of paper rolling, and a lever being pushed over at the end of the line and a distinct DING. It was a manual typewriter! 

“Occasionally, one of them can still be spotted resting forlornly atop a file cabinet, gathering dust – sad discards, the dodo birds of the pre-computer era. The object under discussion is the manual typewriter”
Do you remember typewriters? I turned 37 this week but I do remember them fondly. My mom had a blue electric Brother’s typewriter. I remember asking her what it was and if I could play with it. Most of the time it was out of ink but man when she did have ink in that thing I could ‘type’ for hours. I was really only banging on the keys but it was FUN!
When I went to HS we really started to use them. I remember my HS typing teacher being really strict on us. Making sure our nails weren’t long and that we weren’t looking at the keys. I remember being tested on asdf jkl; I was good! I don’t think I would be able to type as fast on this darn keyboard had it not been for my typing class.
Back to my story…
There was a man at the back of the office typing something on a real MANUAL typewriter. I travel with my camera so I asked him if I could take a couple of pictures and he was gracious enough to not only allow me to do that but to also type and record him typing!!!
Here is a sample of what I came up with (mind you have have half inch long finger nails)
Here is the video!
I had a blast and just had to share it with you. Sometimes it’s good to think about how far we’ve come in the world. Technology has catapulted us into a future that is brimming with opportunity.
Until next time…

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