erick uniforms

Back To School: New School, Old Fashion

Hey Y’all:

Erick  will be attending a new school this coming year, his previous school was a uniformed school. This new one isn’t. That’s an issue for me! I was one of the few people that was excited about NYC schools requiring children to wear uniforms. As a parent, uniforms are hassle free! No drama trying to figure out what to put him on in the morning or the night before and no competition with other classmates! Uniforms are a no brainier. I wish when we were growing up we were required to wear uniforms. Maybe then so many children wouldn’t have had their Lee patches stolen!

Am I wrong for making Erick wear Mommy imposed uniforms? It won’t be the same color everyday but I’m thinking; colored polo shirts and khakis. Is this bad? Will he be traumatized because I made him wear uniforms and everyone else was in jeans and graphic tees? I mean I’ll give him Friday’s to pick a non uniform outfit but for the rest of the week a uniform it will be!

What say you?

Until next time…

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