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Things I Learned In The First Grade

Hey Y’all:

As we prepare to send our kiddies back to school I am taking a moment to reflect on last year’s learning experience. Here is a list of things I learned during First Grade (from Erick).
Each point will be made by song lyrics LOL… cause I’m silly like that. Let me know if you can relate.

  1. “Free your mind and the rest will follow…” Erick’s kindergarten teach was awful! She didn’t communicate well and wasn’t really interested in my son as an individual. She didn’t realize that he had issues with testing which in my opinion hurt him the first few months of school until I recognized the issue. Needless to say my mind wasn’t free when he began first grade. All I could think about was the disfunction from his kindergarten experience. When I walked into his classroom to meet his teacher I was honestly surprised and excited. My mind became free because Ms. Yawarski (a very petite young lady) looked like she didn’t play. She was at the top of her teaching game and was energized by the advancement of her students. I had to free my mind from the previous experience and recognize that Ms. Yawarski was going to provide my son with a positive learning experience and he would be so much better for it. And he was!
  2. “We’re Going on a Trip …” It is not always easy but if you can, attend school trips! Parent/Teacher conferences happen a few times out of the school year (unless your child is having issues) and it is often difficult to speak to your child’s teacher during drop off and pick ups. I learned that by attending class trips; not only do you get to see your child interact with their classmates but you also learn a little bit more about their teacher and how your child is actually doing in school and what you can do to help them do even better. That yellow school bus might be uncomfortable but you end up being the teachers favoriate parent by volunteering your time.
  3. “Cry Baby Cry Baby Stick Your Head in Gravy…” One morning Erick just didn’t want to go to school! It wasn’t the beginning of the school year, it wasn’t after a break or weekend it was a random Wednesday and he didn’t want me to leave. He cried and cried to the point that I started to cry. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like such a bad mom for making him go but what was I supposed to do? From that experience I learned that I am a whimp and when my kids cry it is almost guaranteed that I will boo hoo as well. What can I say…

I’m sure I learned many more things during this past school year but these are the three that stuck out. This coming school year Erick will be attending a differnt school. I am praying that we have a positive learning experience and that he continues on that route that is currently on.

What did you learn from your past school year???

Until next time…

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