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Reborn Baby Dolls

Hey Folks:
A friend and I were looking at pictures of the twins when they were babies; reminiscing about how cute and cuddly they were at the early stages of their lives. While looking at one of the photo’s my friend said that I should get a doll made based on a picture of Leah. Of course we were saying this in jest but being the curious woman that I am I googled ‘life dolls’ and low and behold I found an article that linked to a YouTube BBC Documentary about Reborn Baby Dolls.

According to Wikipedia –

A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl play doll that has been transformed to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners. Reborn dolls are also known as living dolls or unliving dolls.

So…. what do you think super odd, or really cool?

Yes… this is the type of post that I choose to come back with πŸ™‚

Until next time…

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This is only the second post I've read from your blog. So pardon me if I'm just butting in. I just happened to be looking at these dolls yesterday because I saw one somewhere and was curious about them. I think they are on a fine line between slightly cute and creepy. I think it depends more on how you are with the doll, some women tend to treat them as if they were real people and attach feelings to them. But if you just have it as a decorative piece with other dolls perhaps, then it's not too weird. It may only startle people at first glance.


i'm a teenager and i wanted a little sibling thats a baby always but my mom cant have kids so its out of the question she would laugh if i told abput this but i want one to bad we cant afford one i want one so bad i wish i could afford one


there is a cycle to life, yes babies grow up. Normally they get married and have children of their own and so on and so forth. In traditional family there are always new babies to follow behind the one's who are growing up.

I come from a very large family, so did my husband. We wanted a large family, nature interfered. Instead we had our own and when we could no longer we became foster Parents.

2 out of my 4 children though they have wonderful marriages going into their 10 year married each, wanted so badly to have families, but both son's married woman who could not have children.

This was not a accident, it just happened. It also happened to my friends children and my sisters children. All wanted children and none were able to have any. No one knew why not, it just was.

Adoption is expensive, some out of the 18 couples I know and love have adopted pets and etc.

If people find themselves in a situation where they are not done having children around them and they are doll lovers, then why not.

Some of us are just big kids that never grew up and still love to have our dolls and barbie collections. That makes us awesome playmates for those of us that do have Grand children, when they come to Grandma's house ;0)


there are online stores where you can buy the kits pretty cheap Around 14-20 and you can make your own body. Everything you need to learn you can learn for free on

One of the stores I and my daughters buy from is “” My 8 year old grand daughter gets a small allowance from me for helping with chores and extra things around the house.
I give her $1.50 per week. She wanted one so badly and her Uncle and Aunts put her to work doing small things as well.
She has just completed her first reborn doll, and at 8 years old she did a better job than some of the dolls I've seen on for sale. It can happen for you too ;0)


I have asked my mommy for one of these and she said its a little weird but i dont think so its a way to cherish memories of how i your babies looked then so go get one girl .


Hello my name is Tikayla. My grandmother and I were looking for some reborn african american dolls. We ended up finding this stunning doll. Ive never seen any doll like it! Its is a very beautiful creation! In all, we would love to know if youre selling it and if so, how much? Any price you throw out we'll take. Ive wanted one for so long and finaly we found one that we hope you will sell to us. It would be a delight to take care of this masterpeice. So, if you will just let me know and I will buy it for shure! Thank you.


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