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Confession: I Want to Be a SAHM… Sometimes

Hey Folks:

Yesterday I was home when Erick came in from school and he was ecstatic. The look on his face was pure joy and y’all; that really affected me. It has happened before, when I took a sick, personal or vacation day and was either able to pick him up from school or meet him at the door when he came home. He’s always shocked but extremely happy. Yesterday it touched me because this means I’m truly missed at home between the hours of 3pm til 8pm.

Because I was home we were able to complete his homework in a leisurely manner instead of rushing through it while I prepared dinner and entertained the twins.
I know we make it look easy but working outside of the home is taxing on so many level and sometimes I wish I could have taken off a few years and stayed at home with my little ones.

Sometimes I wish I was a stay at home mom. Only sometimes.

Until next time…

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