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‘Tis The Season… TO GIVE BACK

Hey Y’all:
I know that most of you have already started your holiday shopping (it is just a short few weeks until the big day) I do hope however that you have either set aside some funds or some time to give back!
Here’s what I’m talking about… if you head into any store you’ll see the Salvation Army folks ringing those bells and if you work in a office I’m almost positive that you’ll see a Toys for Tot’s box in the lobby. Folks it’s the holiday season and there are lots of people out there who are in need. Especially during the financial time that we are in. Some people have had to downsize and Hanukkah, Christmas and even Kwanzaa won’t be as plentiful this year.
Here are a few great ways to make someone else smile this holiday season.
  1. Drop a gift(s) into the toys for tots boxes you see in the lobby
  2. Give some money that folds not jingles into the Salvation Army bucket
  3. Check out the following sites if you live in NYC,,
  4. Work with your kids to collect their gently used now ignored toys and donate them to a shelter or children’s hospital
  5. Send gifts to our troops!

Please share your ideas on how you plan to give back this holiday season!

Until next time…


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