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Epic Fail… my 2010 "list"

Hey Y’all:

Hope you are enjoying the final days of 2010. I was thinking about where I was this time last year and figured I’d look at that list I created at the beginning of the year. My lofty list of 10 things I planned to accomplish this year… I shared it here and I’m sad to say many of them have gone undone and will carry over into 2011.

Here was my list of 5 business and 5 personal goals:

  1. Blog notoriety. I want to Blow up! Not like KABOOM but you know what I mean, I want to be known in the blogosphere and turn a profit so Mrs. Deveter can really go on a journey!
  2. Become an Associated Content Provider
  3. Get to writing my first children’s book
  4. Incorporate my side business (Bee & Bee Creations)
  5. Become a notary (something I’ve wanted to do for a while)
  6. Get Life Insurance. I did a whole post on it now I really need to get to it. I want my family to be well taken care of if something should happen to me. You know, for the “If’s in life.”
  7. Take a Mother Daughter vacation with my Mom and Leah.
  8. Go back to Curves! No more excuses
  9. Potty train the twins
  10. Plan my wedding vow renewal.

I completed ONE thing on this list and truth be told I didn’t even do it. Item #9 is done, signed, sealed and delivered and my mom did it! She potty trained the twins this summer.

I know a few more people in the blogging world but I’m no further today then I was when I posted this list on 1/4/10. I haven’t visited the Associated Content site since I signed up, haven’t jotted down a thing for my first book, I can’t help a soul with a notary stamp, and if the “if’s” in life happened today I would be up a creek without a paddle. My mother daughter trip is still in my thoughts but no chance of that happening within the next 30 days. Curves is no where in my future and the wedding vow renewal has been pushed back 6 years for our 20th wedding anniversary!

I’ve always been a ‘list’ person.

I love them… in theory they help me. They make me feel like I’ve fully thought out my plans and listed them in the order I would like them completed. For as long as I’ve been creating these lists or set these goals for the year I’ve always only been able to check off one or two items. Is it me? I mean really why can’t I make things happen?
Oh I know… lots of living gets in the way. I may not have completed this ‘published’ list but I’ve done so many awesome things this past year that I feel accomplished and poised to succeed!

So what I didn’t complete all of these items; they are still top of mind and will happen in time. I’m just going to continue living (and making lists) knowing that one day I’ll look back and see that I’ve accomplished everything I’ve had in mind.

Until next time…

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