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Hey Y’all:

Earlier this week one of my blogging mama’s posted a tweet alerting us that she was headed to the ER with her little guy due to an injury that required stitches. I told her that she was in my prayers and that I hoped everything worked out well. She told me that she knew I had some experience with ER’s since I’m the mommy of boys as well. Little does she know my boys weren’t the ones to take me on my first ER visit it was my girl! I actually wrote a blurb about my first visit quite a few months ago and made it short and sweet.

Tuesday started off great… and then we had a major issue. I always
thought my first visit to the ER would be with one of my boys most likely
Myles. Boy was I WRONG. While hanging out at their great grandmother’s house
Leah fell and hit the back of her head on the hard cement floor. I was
sitting right there so I know there was no one to blame. She was screaming
in pain, when I picked her up I rubbed her head and kissed her boo boo. I
thought she just bumped it really hard UNTIL… I saw red! Ugh my baby girl
had a gash the size of a thumb nail in the back of her pretty little head in
the middle of a braid. I had to undo the braid to get to the gash and find
out how deep it was. When I realized it would require stitches I freaked
out. Didn’t know how to find an urgent care center, couldn’t remember who
had the medical cards; I was just a mess. Thankfully my sister in law and
grandmother were there to help me pull it together for Leah’s
sake. Long story short after stopping by an ER in the ‘hood’ that was packed
with people; off to Long Island we went, where my little girl was taken care of.
Three staples, a banana and cute little white teddy bear, a mother’s resolve
to forgo the cute little beads in Leah’s hair later; we were headed back to
great grandma’s where Myles and Erick greeted their sister with hugs and

Now that I am past the excitement of the experience and my little one’s head is fully healed with a tiny unnoticeable scar I can share what I really learned from this.

When an accident happens BREATHE. It might seem like a simple thing but breathing is the first thing you stop doing when something goes wrong. Take a deep breath, say a prayer and look the situation in the face head on and deal. When Leah fell, at first I thought there was just going to be a little bump on her head, until I saw the blood. Then I panicked. That doesn’t help anyone. I stopped breathing pretty much and couldn’t think. My brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen or something so I was of no help to my child.

Listen to suggestions. When I called my husband to tell him I was on the way to the hospital he told me where to go first but I was so out of it that I was trying to get to the quickest place not the best place. By doing so I wasted about half an hour. Thankfully my sister in law was driving and I wasn’t by myself because truth be told I would have called the darn ambulance if I didn’t have some folks with good sense around me. Say yes to help. You cannot do it all. If someone offers to help you sort out the situation accept it. Folks care and come through in the midst of trouble.

When you get to the ER tell them everything you know and be patient. If it’s crowded make sure they know you have a bleeding child and they should take you right away. During the exam if the gash is small it’s best to just let them stitch it up without trying to numb the area, my daughter screamed for about a minute and then she was fine. If the Dr. had put the long needle in her head to numb the area there would have been a whole lot more screaming. In everything use your best judgment. I haven’t had to deal with a broken limb yet (knocking on wood) so I don’t know what kind of pain management is administered for that.

Try not to be offended if someone from social services wants to speak to you (unless you are guilty of child abuse!) They are just doing their job and trying to protect your child. Tell them about the situation and thank them for doing their job.

It’s hard being a parent and even more difficult when you have to deal with illness and accidents. We mother’s however are cut out to have nerves of steel (well sometimes anyway) so grin and bear it for your little one’s sake. If they see you freaking out there is no doubt that they will loose it as well.

Until next time…


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