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The Battle of the Beds! Round I don’t Know…

Hey Y’all:

I’m tired.
I’ve been sleeping without children in my bed, but getting up to put them back down is wearing me out. We aren’t at the end of the fight yet and nowhere near the victory round but for the past five day’s I have been very consistent with keeping the twins out of my bed. My hubby has been away a lot lately so I’ve actually had the pleasure of sleeping in my bed solo! It’s been grand.

OK so here is the one confession, although they aren’t sleeping with me they are sleeping together in my oldest sons bottom bunk! They just have to have a warm body next to them I guess. I started to take a picture of the mayhem (legs thrown over one another, feet in mouths etc) but figured it might be to much of a visual for y’all.

Tonight the battle continues. Trying to get them in their own beds but if they rather sleep together I won’t fight them… after all they have been together for the majority of their lives!

Thankfully my neck is feeling just fine and so is my back for that matter.

Until next time…

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