hill harper the conversation

And the Winner is…..

Hey Y’all:

Thank you so much for reading my post on The Conversation by Hill Harper (who I’m watching right now on CSI:NY…. they were in Coney Island this episode!)

The winners of this giveaway are…. my beautiful twitter friends who supplied me with some pretty pitiful pick up lines

    bit3myR33sEs – “Baby ur feet must hurt bc u been walking thru my mind all day”

    hialissa – “Girl, you married? You can marry me.mmmmhmmm. you know you want to.”

    ShanStarr25 – “Girl you so fine I’ll drink yo bath water.”

    Beautiful0105 – “Baby can I have a quarter cause my mother told me to call her when I fall in love”

    Ladies these are some pretty sad dang on pick up lines.

    Enjoy your book ladies!

    Until next time…


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