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I know I know … it’s been forever. Well the summer is finally winding down and I can write.

Honey what a summer it has been. The children were gone for just about two months so the hubby and I have had the best quality time together. We truly enjoyed ourselves while the children where gone and had an opportunity to rediscover some thangs 🙂

Now the three little ones are back and we are dealing with two fully potty trained two year olds and a five year old with his OWN mind.

When my babies left me they were talking but now they are TALKING holding full on conversations and being sassy! On our drive back to NY from NC my mom was repeating something Leah said in the car and this little girl said ‘shut up Nana’ just as clear as day! I thought for sure my mother was going to pull the car over on I-95 and give baby girl what for but she didn’t (phew)! The boys are both super heroes running around the house with home made capes on! It’s full on activity right now and I’m trying to get my mind right for back to school! I can’t believe that Erick is heading to the first grade. Time truly flies when you are living life.

Well stop by this week I’ll be posting …

Until next time…

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