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Grandma’s Fruit Cake!

Hey Y’all:

It’s late July and yes the title to the blog is correct.

As you know I’m a huge fan of A&E and can watch back to back episodes of Intervention and Hoarders. I say that because I think we need an intervention for hoarding an item for my children’s great grandmother.

Over the weekend we went to visit her and discovered that she still had a fruit cake in her refrigerator from December! Grandma’s rationale is “I paid for it so I’m going to keep it”. Apparently said fruit cake was ‘gushy’ on the inside (it had to much fruit) so she didn’t want to eat it. Instead of tossing her $40 Grandma; who is 85 years old and in her right mind (praise God) decided that she is going to keep the fruit cake in the fridge until she gets ready to throw it away (which I don’t think will be any time soon!)

Although this is madness I have learned a lesson from this; it’s important not to hold on to something just for the sake of your investment. Just because you purchased that chair 25 years ago and it holds sentimental value doesn’t mean you should keep it if it now has holes and smells bad. It has outlived it’s usefulness and is now just taking up space. The same goes for relationships, don’t hold on to someone because of the memories or ‘the way we were’. If the person is longer enhancing your life get rid of them! Keep the memories and get rid of the junk!

That fruit cake is taking up space in Grandma’s fridge but are you allowing someone who doesn’t deserve a place in your heart to take up space there?

Until next time…


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