summer nana's house

Things to do while the children are gone….

Hey Y’all:

My kiddies are hanging out with Nana for the better part of this summer and although I miss their little faces more then I could ever imagine I’m going to make good use of their time away. Here is my list of 10 things I promise to do while they are gone.

1. Start a new series on The B.O.N.E. Chronicles a blog I host for my hubby’s music site. The new series will be all about Musicians Wives!

2. Date night with the hubby. Whether it’s in the house or out and about we are going to spend quality time together. I have been following through with this by attending his Tuesday night gigs at Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar in NYC. I’ve been having a ball!

3. Clean/Organize Erick’s Room…. This is going to be a rather large project but it has to get done. The bookcase has to be removed (consolidating his books onto my shelf too much drama with those three)

4. Get rid of the paper clutter! I can’t take it anymore my desk is a mess…

5. Sleep in at least one Saturday!

6. Have a party! I’m hosting a House party at the end of July with Kleenex product – the new hand towels- I’m really excited.

7. Go out for dinner with the girls. I don’t do this often when the kiddies are in town so I’m going to schedule something with my ladies and have a good time.

8. Finish editing my friends book…

9. Plan for the fall! BTS will be here before we know it!

10. Try not to miss them too much.

I hope you have enjoying a wonderful Summer.

Until next time…

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