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When it’s all said and done.

Hey Y’all:

With all the hype surrounding what team LeBron James will join I came across an article about Ex-Celtic player Ray Williams. Mr. Williams was a 10th overall pick in the 1977 NBA Draft by the NY Knick’s, after playing for six different teams he retired in 1987 and is now homeless.

I share this with you because when it’s all said and done will the LeBron James’ of this current generation find themselves in the same shoes as Mr. Williams? With multimillion dollar basketball contracts, basketball wives wearing rings that could feed a small country for years to come and product endorsements up the yin yang is it possible that these young men will become broke and broken?

Will they have viable educations to fall back on and post basketeball careers that will soar like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan after they retire or will they; like Ray Williams be bankrupt asking for financial assistance from the Legends Foundation? What I ask will be their fate?

I pray that all of these ballers and shot callers are preparing themselves for their future you know… for when it’s all said and done. I hope they are investing their millions wisely and not just spending it all on material items that will quickly perrish. I hope they are contributing to foundations that have been impactful upon their lives and I certainly hope they are setting up legetimate trust funds for their childrens children!

If nothing else reading of Mr. Williams unforturnate turn of events it helped confirm for me that no matter how good you may be at some point it’s all going to be “said and done” and you must be prepared for that. Live each day as if it’s your last in how you treat people, although tomorrow is not promised you should keep your furture front of mind. Always be prepared for the if’s in life!

Until next time…

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