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Adoption Wednesday: My Baby Sister

Hey Y’all:

For this edition of Adoption Wednesday I’d like to share a brief question and answer I had with my baby sister Tawana Bennett. Tawana is the 8th child adopted into our family. She is a beautiful young woman who is weeks away from welcoming her first child into the world. Her life’s dream is to become a nurse.

Our mother was very open with them regarding there adoption and their biological parents. She always let them know who they were and told them that they could have a relationship with their family if they chose to do so.

Hey Little Sis thanks so much for agreeing to this interview with me. As you know I am an advocate for adoption. It’s because of the eight of you guys that I am so passionate about domestic adoption. I want to ask you a few questions and you can be as candid as you like.

When did you realize that you were adopted and how did it feel knowing that you were?
I don’t think it was a certain age when I knew. I have always known for as far back as I can remember. I felt happy that I had the family that I did and realized that was the best decision my biological mother could have made.

Now that you are going to be a mother what is your description of a mother’s love?
Unconditional no matter what.

If you could ask your biological parents one thing what would it be?
I would ask them why after all these years you still cant get yourself together and how can you know you have kids and not care enough to do better.

Would you ever adopt a child? Why/Why Not?
Yes I would adopt because a lot of kids come from terrible situations and they deserve a chance to have love and a good home.

If you could grant one wish in the world who would it be to and what would it be?
If I could grant one wish it would be to God and I would ask him to make my (adoptive) mother happy everyday for the rest of her life because she’s done a great job as a mother and has made a lot of people happy in her life.

There you have it… stop by next time when another one of my siblings will answer the same questions.

Until next time…

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