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Summertime and the livin’ AINT easy!

Hey Y’all:

The song lyrics say “Summertime and the livin‘ is easy” George Gershwin must not have had any children because he would have known that when you have children and a job the summertime is just as taxing as the winter, spring and fall! Aint a thing EASY about it!

I wasn’t able to get Erick into summer camp anywhere. He’s only 5 and the programs that were reasonable and convenient only took children starting at age 6. I found this horrible lesson out by experiencing a NO when trying to sign him up.

The family and I left home early one Saturday morning to sign him up for summer camp! This particular morning it was raining like nobodies business, and it was cold out! We were troopers because we really wanted to get Erick into this camp, it’s right up the block from my job and super reasonable.

I was number three in line while the hubby and children waited in the car with the DVD playing their Nick Jr. favorites. I sat and waited until it was time to fill out all the paperwork. I think I pretty much ignored the sentence that said ages 6-13 because I was reasoning with myself that Erick is in Kindergarten why wouldn’t they follow the rules of the public school system? If he’s old enough to be in Kindergarten; surly he could spend a summer in camp! Well I walked up about five flights of stairs, filled out about 6 pages of information and waited for my number to be called. The young lady checked my paper work… so far so good I thought. Until she got to the D.O.B. 2004 was the year she saw, she must have been trained to look for the year 2003 or anything earlier, she look at me and said “sorry”.

I thought for some strange reason that I could ‘reason’ with this woman, convince her that my boy was a mature 5, I worked right down the block and was confident that he would be fine. “He’s in Kindergarten”, I said almost near tears. She looked at me and said… “Sorry Mrs. Brown maybe next year.”

So my 4th of July weekend will be spent on the road taking him down for a two week visit with Nana. We’ll just have to wing the rest of the summer I guess! Ugh!

What are you doing with your little people for summer vacation?

Until next time…

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