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Figure it out!!!

Hey Y’all:

Yesterday after a visit to my office my boys tried to drive me insane.

They were fighting over Spencer one of the steam engines from Thomas and Friends. Now there are two Spencer’s in our house one big one and one smaller one. Erick was playing with the bigger Spencer and of course Myles wanted it. While I’m in the kitchen trying to prepare dinner I hear them crying and arguing over big Spencer.

I was super tired and didn’t want to deal with the fight so here is how I handled this dispute.

“Listen if you guys can’t share I’m going to take all of these trains and put them away, then no one will be able to play with them. So if you want to play with the trains you better figure it out”

I walked back into the kitchen and finished cooking all the while saying how “I can’t take all this hollering over toys I’m going to throw them all away and see how they like it” you know the typical Mother rant. I then hear Erick say… “Here Myles you can play with Big Spencer, I’ll play with James”, “Thank you Erick” says Myles and peace is then restored.

I didn’t immediately acknowledge Erick’s act of kindness toward his brother but when I did it was with a kiss & hug and words of thanks to him for being such a wonderful big brother.

Lesson learned for me was, sometimes you can’t be the mediator you have to let them FIGURE IT OUT!

Until next time…


One reply on “Figure it out!!!”

I totally agree. We do the same here. It's like the old saying goes “Learn how to pick your battles”. And Lord knows I have learned over the years, which ones to pick and which ones to stay away from.


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