I need…


Hey Y’all:

I Wikipediaed Sleep Deprivation and I think I clearly have the symptoms!

  • Irritability – check
  • Cognitive Impairment or brain fog – check
  • Memory lapses or loss – check – I already shared that I can’t remember peoples names!
  • Impaired moral judgment – check – I’ve considered slapping a few people upside their heads a couple times this week
  • Severe yawning – check
  • Aches – check I am aching right now – my head aches, my eyes ache, sometimes even my fingers ache

Now the rest of the symptoms I can’t really check off, thank God but you get my drift.


I thought that since Erick is now a full fledged grade schooler and the twins are well past the bottle – waking up in the middle of the night stage – that I would be able to get a good nights sleep. I thought that I would have the ability to wake up each morning – after eight refreshing hours of sleep – ready to take on a brand new day! That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Sleep is just a dream for me. Erick, Leah and Myles insist upon waking up every morning about 2:15-3:00 a.m. to get into my bed! Yes all three of them! I have tried just about everything but my sweet darlings refuse to sleep the night in their own beds! Now when the twins wake up (one right after the other on most nights) they either want juice or to be held and rocked. Erick just wants to get in our bed and falls right back to sleep as soon as he is sandwiched between my hubby and I.

The other morning Myles woke up whining, he wouldn’t stop! I gave him juice, rocked him, patted him and I almost cried! The only thing that caused him to finally calm down was taking him into the living room and laying on the sofa. We finally fell asleep after 45 mins of drama. That same morning about 2 hours before Erick was having a bad dream and kept whining. Not sure what that was about but I got him to calm down ONLY when he was given the green light to get in bed with me (hubby is out of town so all three have been sleeping with me). Leah is the only one who doesn’t really give me sleep issues, when she wakes up to come into the bed she usually just asks for something to drink then cuddles under me and falls sound asleep.

I share this with you because I am on a quest for sleep and I figure if I put it out in the atmosphere it might just come my way!

Hope you have a beautiful sleep filled weekend!
Until next time…

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