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The Lunchroom Altercation

Hey y’all:

The other day my husband received a call from the nurse at Erick’s school stating that he had a bump and scratch on his head. He was told that the Dean would call him and fill him in on the details of the indecent. Needless to say I was a little upset hearing that Erick was hurt, so I immediately called the school myself to find out more details. Turns out that there was a ‘altercation’ in the lunchroom (well it wasn’t really an altercation… Erick was being a typical boy exuding testosterone and playing around in the lunchroom.) The story is that Erick and a little boy named Jayden were not sitting down at the lunch table like they were supposed to but were actually wrestling or something.

Anyhow Erick is MUCH smaller then Jayden. Jayden pushed Erick (on accident – Erick’s words), Erick then fell into a table and bumped his head, he was taken to the nurses office where his dad was called and told that he was fine but that the Dean would call him. The Dean never called! I was so upset that they totally dropped the ball that bright and early the next day I was up at the school looking for answers.

The Dean finally spoke to me and explained the above situation, confirmed that he spoke with Erick and Jayden and that he called Jayden’s parents to inform them of the situation and to teach Jayden that the lunch room is not for horsing around.

I’m sharing this with you because if you follow me on Facebook; you were among the mom’s who gave me encouragement and tips on handling the matter. Although I won’t tell Erick to beat people up (Doris) or wait for kids across the street from school with a BB gun (Nicole). I will teach Erick the importance of knowing when to play and when not to. Kids need guidence and as parents it’s our duty to teach them right from wrong. This doesn’t end when they enter the school system, it’s our job for the rest of our childs life (hopefully until 18) as parents we are constantly working ourselves out of a job.

Erick can be a very bossy and then passive child so I have to be sure to coach him in the art of handling confrontation. Wish me luck!

How do you handle these types of issues with your children/school? Do share…

Until next time…

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