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Hey Y’all:

As we walked into our house a couple Sunday’s ago Erick walked up to his father and said;
“Daddy are you sure Leah and Myles are a part of our family?”
I was still walking up the stairs and couldn’t believe my ears.
“Babe, did Erick just ask you if Leah and Myles belonged to the family?” I asked my husband
“Yes he did” my husband replied.

I have no idea why my 5 year old would ask this question after a beautiful morning in church. No clue what Leah or Myles did to make him even ponder their belonging, but he asked the question none the less.

As I went through the weeks thinking about this question it forced me to think of my pregnancy and how my little boy was dead set against being a big brother. Many days I would try to get him to rub my belly and touch the babies, but with that kid it was a no go. If ever he was asked if he was excited about having babies; he would look at who ever said this foolish thing and yell “NO BABIES!”

Needless to say when the babies were born and they actually had to come home with us Erick was NOT feeling them. It was very rare that I could take a picture of all three of my love bugs. My oldest child just didn’t get that these babies wouldn’t be leaving! He was the only child for 3 years how dear these little people come into his space and take away the attention he was getting? I would watch him like a hawk whenever he was around the babies for fear that he would do something to them! He never hurt them but rather totally ignored them! It wasn’t until they could roll over and babble that he warmed up to Leah and Myles. Now I can’t imagine him without them. If we are at a relatives house and we act like we are going to leave them behind, he won’t walk to the door. He is such a good big brother and loves them even when they take all his toys and jump on him like he’s a bean bag.

I am the oldest of 9 and am so glad to have siblings. I feel really blessed to have been able to give my son a brother and sister to grow up with as well.

What’s your take on siblings?

Until next time…

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My brother and I are 1 year 5 days apart and sometimes I feel like he's my twin. We were always together growing up and we are still very close at heart. I'm raising my kids to be the same way. My mother is an only child and sometimes she doesn't get it, the closeness beween my brother and I. I couldn't image life without him. He's been my best friend, my confidant, etc.


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