That’s Not My Name!

Hey Y’all:

Ok I have a problem but I don’t know if I want to solve it. I typically don’t call people by their names.

Sweetheart, dumpling, sugah, honey, lovely, dearest, honey, sugarbooboo and most recently darling… have been a few of the names that I call folks. At work, church, home and pretty much any social gathering I call folks by my terms of endearment. Sometimes it’s because I can’t remember their name (how long can I get away with using pregancy brain as the excuse?) and other times it’s just my way of addressing people.

I often apologize early on just to let them know that I’m not trying to be ofensive but I just love using those names. Am I wrong? Should I curb this?

Until next time SUGAH…

2 replies on “That’s Not My Name!”

Hmmmm, let's see, you've called me Buddy and that's about it. But it's such an endearing term to me. So no, I don't think you're wrong. People have been called worse and I think all the names you use are very friendly. My IL has called me Sugah for 16 years. I always wonder if it's because she doesn't remember my name.


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