Happy Mother’s Day 2010

Mother, Mommy, Ma, Mama, Mami, Grandma, Great-Grandma; whatever you call her or are called, in honor of Mother’s Day I would like to dedicate this post to you/them.

Being a mother is…
A blessing
A challenge
A pleasure
A gift…

As the mother of three beautiful children I now understand the sacrifices and decisions my mother has made. I now know why she told me that education was the most important tool I would ever posses. I understand why she took time to teach me to cook, clean, iron and dress appropriately for every occasion. I now know why we each had tasks and chores in the household that we had to do. My mom was working herself out of a job. She was preparing me to be self sufficient; an upstanding citizen and now a devoted and caring wife and mother. My greatest accomplishment in life is not my career or the material items that I now posses; it’s not my writing skills or my adaptability to change. My greatest accomplishments in life are Erick, Leah and Myles!

I promised God that I would care for the gifts He blessed me with exactly how he cares for me; with patience, love and understanding. I am blessed to be in the sisterhood of mothers and wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

So this Mother’s Day – I salute you Mother, Mommy, Ma, Mama, Mami, Grandma, Great-Grandma for all that you continue to do. For being the CEO, CFO, CMO of your household, for keeping it together when your little one throws a major fit in the middle of Target, for taking off one hat to put on another everyday with such ease. I salute you for never complaining or giving up and I especially salute you for being a woman of substance and grace under fire and adversity.

I pray that you have a blessed mother’s day and that you are celebrated by your family and friends all day long. If you are like me you are recognized all year long, but it’s aways nice to feel extra special on the day that is nationally recognized just for us!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Until next time…

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