Lawrence Welk Resorts

CA Adventure: Lawrence Welk Resorts

Hey Y’all:

Thanks to our very good friends Johnny and Terri Turco we had the awesome privilege of spending a full week at the beautiful Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido, CA. The Welk Resorts is about 35 mins from San Diego and is absolutely gorgeous! It is a time share situation tucked away in a very scenic area not far from Interstate 15. The resort boasts of two 18 hole golf courses , a theater and is minutes from SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, Legoland, San Diego Wild Animal Park and miles of beaches that stretch along the Southern California coast from Carlsbad to Coronado.

Although the weather wasn’t the best the entire trip on the first day the sun was shinning brightly so John and Terri were kind enough to take the three Brown’s on a dip in the pool. After their dip they played in the park, which in my opinion had the elements way to high off the ground.

I am a huge advocate for resorts or hotel suites with kitchens and here are my reasons why espeically when traveling with children.

  1. It’s cost effective. If you have a family of five people that you have to eat out with EVERY day it really becomes costly. If you have the ability to stay in a place that provides a kitchen whether its a full kitchen or just a couple of burners, a sink and a fridge you are at an advantage. You can always do breakfast and lunch at the place you are staying and go out for dinner or cook a quick dinner at the room and do a fab lunch (when prices are lower) with the whole crew. Growing up my mom always got a suite that had a full kitchen (back in the day when we traveled to FL we always got a suite at the Days Inn in Kissimmee St. Cloud) with 9 children there was no way in ‘heaven, hell or Disneyland’ my mom could afford to eat out for the entire week we were on vacation.
  2. It’s easy. Most times resorts/time shares have great activities and amenities that a regular hotels don’t have. If you are staying at the Hyatt all you are getting is a room with a bathroom and access to a pool and fitness room if you are lucky. Most times at resort/time share they have planned activities, game rooms and many other amenities that make it worth wild. If you don’t want to leave the resort you really don’t have to.
  3. Pay in advance. Who doesn’t love to have a vacation where your stay is payed for in advance? You don’t have to worry about dishing out the big bucks for the hotel room at the time of your departure. You are set from the time you check in and only have to pay for little things you may have charged to your resort.

Like I said I really enjoyed the Welk Resorts, the cleaver naming of the villas, game rooms and pool areas were def fun. The one thing I didn’t care for is that, the resort was definitely for older people, and therefore provided no nightlife! As Terri put it they ‘rolled up the sidewalks super early there. Everything was pretty much shut down by 9:00 p.m. and you know for a New Yorker that’s way to early.

Until next time…

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