Disneyland 2010

CA Adventure: Disneyland

Hey Y’all:

Our trip to Disneyland was the first for the twins and Erick and unfortunately it was one rainy day! We made the most of it though. Because the children are so small we couldn’t go on Space Mountain or any of the other roller coasters and rides that require a certain height. So we ended up spending most of our time in Fantasy Land riding all the indoor attractions.

So here is my take on Disneyland – I like Disney World way better.
I prefer Disney World because everything just seems to be bigger and more grand (it is a ‘world’ after all). At Disneyland the attractions are much closer together and the Castle is tiny in comparison to Disney World. Maybe it’s because of the cold and rainy weather but everything just seemed dreary to me this time around. The park wasn’t full of cheer but instead full of little ones dodging the rain, sweaters and ponchos. I won’t say it was a bad trip because it wasn’t but it wasn’t the best ‘first visit’ I could have imagined for my little ones. Hopefully we’ll get them down to the Magic Kingdom next year and give them a glimpse of the WORLD.

Here are a few pictures

Which do you prefer, Land or World?

Until next time…

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I went to Disneyland when I was about 13 and hoping to take the entire fam next summer since my mother lives there. Last year was my first time to Disneyworld and I found it AMAZING. So I'll give my take next year.


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