CA Adventure: Day out with Thomas

Hey Y’all:

Ok this is my last post about vacation. I tried to drag it out as long as possible LOL…. enjoy

If you are a boy mom chances are you know who Thomas, Percy, Edward, James, Douglas, Spencer, Sir Toppham Hat, Emily, Gordon, Toby and countless others who hang out on the Island of Sodar are. You’ll also know that Thomas the Tank Engine tours around America so little boys like Erick and Myles can live out their dreams by being a passenger in one of Thomas’ cars.

The awesome mommy that I am (yes I just tooted my own horn ‘peep peep’) while planning our CA Adventure I did some research to see where Thomas would be during our vacation. Turns out he was hanging out at the Fillmore & Westeren History Train Station, so you know I ordered tickets right? Yup, ordered our tickets and mapquested our route from Escondido to Fillmore CA!

It was a three hour drive that was well worth it. For Erick’s 4th birthday we rode on Thomas in the dead of winter (well it wasn’t officially winter yet but it was FREEZING out) in Strusburg, PA. Although that trip was fun this ride on Thomas toped it! The weather was beautiful, the pre-train ride activities were awesome and Nana was able to come along for the ride. If you have a little boy or little girl for that matter who is into trains a Day out with Thomas is an adventure that you shouldn’t miss. Check out this website and find out when he’s in an area close to you!

Until next time…

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