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Back from another Fab Journey…

Hey Y’all:

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s because I was off on another fab journey with the Brown Crew! We had an absolute blast in California but honey I have plenty to share with you.

I’ll give it to you in small bite sized pieces. Lets start with travel…
If you follow me on twitter (which you all should of course @MrsDeveter) I’m sure you’ve read about my disastrous travel situation both coming and going! I must start by saying that after this past travel I don’t heart Delta not even one tiny bit. I know that many things are out of the control of the pilot, flight attendants and desk workers but honey… being ‘marked’ late for a flight that you were in the airport to hear board and take off is NOT late in my book. That’s a whole nother story, one that I really don’t think I want to regurgitate. Needless to say Delta is not on my top list of travel providers, the one good thing they have going for them is the play area in their Salt Lake City terminal.

Here is a little something I wrote that I must share…

5 Minutes
Five mins or 300 seconds seems like a short amount of time but in actuallity it can change a whole lot of things. Within 5 mins a baby who was safely snug in it’s mothers womb could make their entrance into the word; 5 mins can turn you from fiance to wife with the simple words ‘I do’. Five min early or late can cause you to lose or gain a job and 5 mins late can cause you to miss a plane and spend five hours in an airport with three children anxious for a trip to California!

Our flight from NYC out of JFK was at 7:05 a.m. on a Sunday morning. We reached the airport check-in line at 6:05 a.m. Delta told us we were too late to check in. How about that? We stood in the airport and heard our flight board and take off because of 5 mins!

Here is what I learned… First off don’t time time for granted.

  • ALWAYS check in online. Don’t leave anything up to chance. If you have the ability be sure to check in before you even reach the airport it will just make your life a whole lot easier
  • ALWAYS get to the airport an hour and 45 mins before your flight is due to depart
  • ALWAYS pack the DVD player and cell phone chargers in your carry on (my beautiful husband packed them in the darn checked luggage so by the time we were at the airport for hour 2 Erick’s DVD player was dead and so were our phones.
  • ALWAYS bring enough snacks for the kiddies. Thankfully we were well prepared, airport food is EXPENSIVE and unhealthy for three under six year olds.
  • Last but certainly not least ALWAYS keep your cool! If my husband wasn’t handling the folks trying to rebook our flight it would have been ugly. I might have hurt somebody and allowed Leah to scream her very high pitched scream into somebodies ear!

Stop by often because I’ll have plenty of updates for you regarding our trip especially information on the beautiful Escondido area, the Lawrence Welk Resort, Disneyland, Lego land and A Day Out with Thomas in lovely Fillmore, CA.

Until next time…

MUAH! and I missed you!

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