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Hey Y’all:

The Internet at work was down for about an hour or two today. It was very interesting to walk around the office and hear everyone talking.

We communicated today like our parents did back in the day. We spoke about earthquakes and the end of the world. Train commutes and our families. People who usually have their heads down focused on their keyboards and the emails they need to send out; had their heads up and touched base with their fellow co-workers. I heard stories about a friend’s daughters first wall writing experience, one co-worker decided to clean her area spic and span. All of this took place because the Internet was down.

Another set decided to take a stroll to Dunkin Donuts while others just sat around and caught up on current office events. A few hours without the Internet is a rather powerful thing. It caused us to get back to basics – human contact and communication – I can honestly say I enjoyed our short moment without Internet access.

When was the last time you went Internet, cell phone, 3G network free?

Until next time…


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