marian bennett mommy texting

Texting Mom…

Hey y’all:

Sorry I’ve been so sparse in posts. I’ve been a busy little woman! Planning and executing my Mother In Laws 60th Birthday, the twins 2nd, my Mom and sisters birthday and Easter all within the same weekend caused me not to have any energy to write a thing!

Thankfully I’ve found some time to tell you this sweet little tidbit. My 64 year old mother has figured out how to text message and I love it!

My mom lives in N.C. now after being a New Yorker for 60 some years. Now that she is so far away from us we don’t get to see one another all the time. We speak every night but now I receive cute little texts from her in the morning and throughout the day.

I love that she has figured out how to use this technology and is now looking forward to learning the computer. Lord help us all if Marian Bennett gets on Twitter or Facebook! She’ll end up with more followers then me.

Until next time…


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