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The Nana Effect

Hey Y’all:

My oldest son Erick is in love with my mother. From the day he was born he has looked at her like she was something good to eat. It didn’t help any when she introduced him to his first taste of sweet potato, which she of course shared on her finger.

At five years old he still loves her just as intensely and shows it whenever she comes to visit us from N.C. and heads back home. I share this because we had a bit of a Nana episode the other night.

I was sitting on my bed and reached out for my boy. He came and I gave him a great big hug (I was having a mommy moment) during the hug I said, “ohhhhhhhhhhhh I love my Erick,” my precious boy says “ohhhhhhhhhh I love my nana.” Of course I was outraged, hurt, confused and a little sad. Here I was having a mommy moment, expressing my love for him verbally and this little ball of testosterone says “I love my nana” this gave me flashbacks of our ‘private time’ day when he told me that he loves his daddy 12 and me 5! I just can’t win.

Why can’t I get the same love???? I know he loves me but I guess it’s not the same as Nana love. I really have to get over it. Maybe when he turns 15 I won’t feel so bad when he loves some little chippy over me and his nana?

What have your children said that has hurt, offended or floored you?

Until next time…

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