happy birthday leah

Twin Tuesday: Happy Birthday

Hey Y’all:

Sunday, April 4th marks the 2nd birthday of Leah and Myles. As I type this I’m really in awe. I cannot believe that just 3 short years ago I called my mom and told her that we were having twins. Then 34 weeks later I called her the Tuesday before they were born and said my c-section was scheduled for that Friday which just happened to be her birthday!

Leah and Myles are a wonderful blessing to our family and bring us so much joy. I would never have imagined that I would have twins. I prayed really hard for Erick so having another child; twins at that was so beyond anything I could imagine.

Now that they are here I can’t imagine my life without them. Erick is the ultimate big brother, they fuss and fight but will get upset with us if we do something to either one of them.

Leah and Myles – Mommy loves you and prayers that you won’t give us too much trouble during your terrible twos phase! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Until next time…

One reply on “Twin Tuesday: Happy Birthday”

No such thing as terrible two's. It's terrible tweens, or terrible teens, and attitudes.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Babies. You are bring joy to my heart just looking at your pictures. I hope you get everything you ask for.


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