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Womens History Month: A Little Romance

Hey Y’all:

Women’s History Month is quickly coming to an end. I hope that you have celebrated the women in your life who have been influential in who you are today.

As my next to the last post in honor of women I’d like to celebrate a romance author!
Honey Women DOMINATE this genre of literature… check out this awesome list of novels, it includes some classics and plenty of contemporary titles are list. I think this is a great list but it doesn’t cover the novels that I have read and really come to enjoy.

I haven’t always read romance novels but when I discovered Sandra Brown I was converted. I had no idea that this awesome author wrote romance novels way back in the day. Her novels are all really sweet but my all time favorite romance author is Brenda Jackson!

Mrs Jackson has written novels with seven publishing houses with a total of over 80 books! The first novel I read by her was from The Bennett Family Series – A Family Reunion. This book intrigued me because of the family name; Bennett is my maiden name! This novel was so good I went on a search for all books written by Mrs. Jackson! The one thing I love about these novels is how Mrs. Jackson connects all of the stories through series. She has about four major families that she writes stories around and I love just about all of them.

If you are in the market for a quick spicy read pick up a Brenda Jackson novel!
Here are my top 5:

  1. A Family Reunion
  2. Whispered Promises
  3. Thorn’s Challenge
  4. Stone Cold Surrender
  5. Solid Soul

Hope you pick up one of Mrs. Jackson’s books soon.

Until next time…

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