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VACATION: Cali here we come…

Hey Y’all:

While watching NickJr last night a song came on about going on a trip.

Erick asked me if we went on vacation yet and I told him no, but we are going on vacation in April.

“where mommy” he asked
“to California” I said
“California that’s great” he said
“where’s California?” he then asked

He was too cute with his mock excitement about a trip to a place he didn’t know anything about. I explained where California is and that we were going to take a plane to get there. He was really excited to hear that we would go to the airport and wanted to know if we were going after school today. After that bit of the discussion he thought about California some more and then it clicked, to him California is where Red Car (Lightening McQueen from Disney’s Cars) lives. It’s where the Piston Cup race was held!

“Mommy can we see Red Car” he asked.
“Yes we can. Mommy is going to make you a count down calendar so you can count the days until our trip.”

Needless to say my little boy is really excited about our upcoming California vacation to Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Legoland, Sea World and Universal Studios! I think I’m more excited though as he’s much older this time around for a Disney trip and will really enjoy himself.

Here is the calendar I created… whatchathink?

Until next time…

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