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Womens History: African American Christian Authors

Hey Y’all:

In continuation of my tribute to women authors today I would like to celebrate African American Christian Authors.

For the past five years or so I’ve been involved with multiple book clubs. The latest was one that I started with the help of my Sister. Although Queens With Purpose is a great idea it didn’t quite get off the ground, I haven’t lost hope though… never know what the end of the year might bring. I am confident that QWP will be the go to club for African American Christian women who love God and love to read.

As a tribute to the authors who make these book clubs worth joining here is my top 3 list of my authors and my favorite book from them.

Jacquelin Thomas: I love everything she has written but I think my favoriate by far is the last one I read – Ideal Wife. I enjoy reading Mrs. Thomas’ titles because she gets her inspiration from women in the bible, I love her modern take on biblical issues. Ideal Wife was about Queen Vashti and her fall from grace. The example that Jacquelin Thomas used in this novel was really creative and thought provoking! It made me reconsider my thoughts on whether the Queen was out of order by not parading her goods around all the Kings men or if the King was dead wrong for making the request. Mrs Thomas also have a very nice line of teen titles and some romance novels that aren’t biblical based but wholesome all the same.

Kendra Norman-Bellamy
: Kendra to me just seems like a really sweet person. I dig sweet so I enjoy reading her novels knowing that the subject matter is going to be christian but contemporary. The last book I read by Mrs Bellamy was Battle of Jericho this title was about a Marine Veteran who finds himself in battle, captivity and in dispare of his marriage. This was a timely novel and really interesting. I loved how Mrs. Bellamy wrote parts of the novel from a childs point of view.

Victoria Christopher Murray: Love love love her!!!!! I wish I could pick a favoriate but I can’t, all of her novels are just that good! I do know that Singsation is one of my top fives for Mrs Murray. Singsation was the novel I read when I joined my first book club. It’s a Mama I Want to Sing/Prodical Son type of story but it was a good read. I might have to reread it to get a refresh! She also has a whole line of books with the same characters that just entertain me all the way through. Any of the novels with Jasmine Larson is worth reading! I think every Christian married woman should read her novels they really make you think about your marriage and where you should be as a woman. Her books involve LOTS of Drama, backstabing and most importantly forgiveness!

I hope you are having a lovely Women’s History Month.

Until next time…

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