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Monday Madness: What you do doesn’t only effect you!

Hey y’all:

Hope you had a wonderful weekend – those of us in the Northeast experienced some rather rough weather conditions and I hope that all my readers are doing well.

This morning on my way to work I was held up in traffic because someone in a rush decided to make an illegal turn and ended up hitting a bus. I share this because the decisions you make don’t only effect you, but everyone around you. That person thought they could get past traffic and make it to their destination either on time or a little early instead not only did they ruin their beautiful Benz but held up traffic for quite a few New Yorkers (you know that’s not good).

Recently I read a very sad report about a woman who jumped down on a subway track to retrieve her bag, unfortunately she was struck and killed by a train. That decision she made to risk her life for a material item didn’t only effect her, but everyone on that train platform, those riding, conducting and driving the train as well as her family.

The one choice you make will not can effect someone else, so be sure to think before you act Think about the end result of your actions.

I’ve been teaching Erick the law of cause and effect – if you do this, then that will happen, I wish that all parents would do the same thing.

Remember – Life is a journey, travel wisely.

Until next time…

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