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Spring is ALMOST here…..

Hey Y’all:

The sun is FINALLY shining here in NYC and I am oh so glad! It’s getting darker later and I’m thinking SPRING which ultimately equals spring break.

Since I’m thinking spring I thought I would share some spring break actives that you can enjoy with the little ones. Some of these do require taking time off of work but it’s always nice to spend quality time with your dear hearts don’t you think?

Check out your local library – My oldest still doesn’t have his library card so that’s definitely on my list. There are always plenty of free activities at the library that you can participate in. Go to your local library website and see what they have going on.

Chill with family – It’s always nice to see Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill when there isn’t an ‘occasion’ (you know a wedding or funeral) go for a drive and visit someone you haven’t seen in a while. You never know, they might volunteer to watch the kids for you so you can have a break!

Hang out at the museum – Every city has one, most even have children’s museums find yours and spend the day. It’s educational and fun.

Go on a Factory Tour – I know what you are thinking “MrsDeveter I have no interest in a factory” but your children might. Wouldn’t you be the least bit curious to see how they make crayons or even cereal? There are factories all over the country many who are open for public tours. Search the net and find one in your area.

Participate in a volunteer project – Y’all know I’m all about volunteering… head over to the Disney Give a Day Get a Disney Day site and volunteer for a project with your family and be rewarded with Disney tickets

Host a spring time party – If you have a backyard this will equal toooo much fun, if not visit a community park and have a scavenger hung. Spring is a perfect time to celebrate the rejuvenation of the earth and what better way to celebrate then with a party?

Plant a garden – It doesn’t have to be in your backyard, visit a community garden in your neighborhood. If one doesn’t exist START one! Again a perfect opportunity to teach your little one about the earth, it’s also an opportunity for your child to learn how food is made.

Bring your kids to work – OK so not everyone can take a day off of work… but wouldn’t it be cool to bring your kiddies to work (check with your employer first) they can see what mom and dad does all day while they are a school learning. This is a great experience for older children especially. I mean really, who doesn’t want to show off their cuties?

Get the spring cleaning DONE – OK, nobody really likes to do this but we all must. Spring is the perfect time to pack away the winter clothes and unpack the fun short sleeved tee shirts and spring jackets. To make it fun for the kids help them organize their books and toys and encourage them to donate their gently used items that they don’t play with anymore.

Take a vacation – Why not visit the spring break 2010 #1 destination? Orlando, FL. Who’s in Orlando? Mickey Mouse and the crew of course! Orlando is just a fun place to be during a break so why not spring break? Oh and you can use your ticket to the park from your volunteer project! (MrsDeveter always makes the connection!)

Do you have any spring break ideas? If so share them in the comments section.

Until next time…

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