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Top 10 Reasons Why… I Love Being a Mommy

Hey Y’all:

I am feeling kinda nostalgic today. I found a baby picture of my almost 2 year old twins and just about cried. Have you ever looked at an old picture, heard an old song or even watched an old movie that took you back to the moment it happened?

When I looked at the picture of the twins at six weeks old I was instantly taken back to the moment when I was told I was pregnant. I remembered how it felt carrying two babies. Now they are walking, talking, communicating little people and it amazes me everyday. Then I look at my 5 year old and I do cry. I can’t believe that just 5 years ago my prayers were answered, and now I have a super smart, active 5 year old that is going to have a huge impact on the world! When I got home last night and found out that he’s the Student of the Month at his school, wher they will have a special ceremony at the PTA meeting next week where he’ll receive an award!
I knew I would do this post.

Parenthood can be a struggle at time but I wouldn’t trade being a Mommy for anything in this world. Since it’s Thursday here is a top 10 list of why I love being a Mommy

10. There is just something special about being responsible for the lives of future teachers, preachers, doctors, lawyers, conductors etc…

9. My children push me to go beyond who I think I should be. They make me better. I’m conscious of what I say and do because I know someone is watching me besides God.

8. They love me unconditionally. I remember one time I reprimanded Erick for something I thought he did. Turned out that he was innocent; even in my faults he loved me and accepted my apology for falsely accusing him. He didn’t hold a grudge against me!

7. Children are honest to a fault and because of this I know where I stand with them at all times.

6. I see what my mother saw when she looked at me growing up. HERSELF

5. Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

4. There is nothing better then hearing “I love you” from the mouth of babes

3. They are the living breathing proof of my loving marriage

2. I get to be just like my Mom. Loving, nurturing, caring, kind and patient

The #1 reason why I love being a mommy is because that is who God made me. It was my destiny to become a Mother. Even though my physical body was unable for quite some child to hold a child full term; I never lost hope that I would eventually be someones mom.

I’ve always been the mother figure, from childhood through HS and in College I’ve always been the one to mother folks. So having my own children gives me carte blanche to be the best Mother I could ever dream of.

Erick, Leah and Myles Mommy loves you from the bottom of her heart.

Until next time…

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