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Twin Tuesday: The Pacifier

Hey Y’all:

Haven’t done a Twin Tuesday post in a little while. That’s not to say that the twins haven’t been super active – like Myles pushing his high chair directly in front of the television, turning it on sitting himself in his chair watching Yo Gabba Gabba or Leah holding her baby doll on her hip gently patting it’s bottom saying “shhhhh it’s ok.” Those two are ALWAYS doing something to either make me LOL or shake my head in disbelief.

The latest journey is the weening of the pacifier. Erick sucked the pacifier for a very short period, one day when he was about 5 or 6 months old he decided that he didn’t want it anymore so he threw it away (literally). The twins are a completely different story. From the time they knew what it was they have been plugged. In the car, in the house, in church, at grandma’s it didn’t matter if they saw it they wanted it and it was in their mouth. Most times I would have to snatch it out of their mouths, especially Leah.

We have spend I’m sure well over $50 dollars in pacifiers over the past two years. Between the two of them they have gone through, Gerber Nuk’s (all stages), Playtex Binky (all stages) and finally one that was supposedly shaped like a mother’s nipple (Leah wasn’t fond of that one, but she sucked it anyhow). We didn’t plan this weening it happened by default.

As I said before, they are known to have a pacifier in their mouth regardless of where they are or what they are doing. However if they are given food or a sippy cup they would haphazardly discard the pacifier. Lately they have been know to just throw the pacy on the floor and forget where they put it. Over the past week all pacifiers have gone missing, and hubby and I have decided not to look for them or buy replacements. On April 4th the twins will be 2 years old and Leah’s teeth are being effected by the pacifier (even though we buy the “orthodontic” type they still are becoming quite buck) so we have agreed that it’s time to say bye bye to the pacifier.

It has not be meet with approval from the twins or our neighbors I’m sure. They scream, they beg for it (“pacifiya, mommy gemme pacifiya PLEASE), they even drag their baby bag and search through it looking for them. Most recently in church, Leah almost accosted her 6 month old baby cousin for his. We are standing our ground. No more pacifier (well unless they find it themselves) for Leah or Myles.

Any weening tips?
Until next time…


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