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Top 10 "Good" Morning Ideas ….

Hey Y’all:

Last week was mid winter recess her in NYC. Every single day of the week my precious 5 year old was up and at ’em watching TV or on the computer before I could leave the house to head to work. Most morning he would give me a kiss and send me on his way. Fast forward past his week of ‘relaxation’ he WILL not get out of the bed and get ready for school!

Do children have an internal clock that can tell the difference between school days and days off? He has the same early bird syndrome on the weekend! Monday – Friday it’s a struggle to get him out of bed and ready for school, but come Saturday and Sunday he is the FIRST person awake in the house.

Well here is my fun list of things to do to Erick to get him out of the bed, most are my last resort after yelling his name to make him wake up. Not sure how much it bothers him the rest of the day… but it’s just a bit of payback for the weekend when Mommy wants to sleep in.

10. Pull the covers off and touch him with my cold hand

9. Tickle him until he can’t take it anymore

8. Turn Nick Jr. on and if he doesn’t get up turn it off. I know he’s listening to whatever show is on at the moment.

7. Whisper in his ear

6. Sing a good morning song! He hates when I sing to wake him up.

5. Set an alarm the night before to a music station that he likes.

4. Drizzle cold water on his back

3. Yell “Erick Nana is here” (cruel I know but he loves his Nana!)

2. Promise him a gift from Walmart (he knows they have plenty of Thomas the Tank Engine toys)

1. Dress him while he’s asleep then stand him up and say “It’s time to go.” This is only done the day after bath night. That way we only have to brush his teeth and wash his face.

I know some of these are just plan mean but hey…. a mother’s gotta do what a mother’s gotta do.What creative ways can you share with me to wake up this little boy Monday – Friday?

Until next time…

One reply on “Top 10 "Good" Morning Ideas ….”

Girl, they just know that on a school day, they aren't going to be easy to wake up. On Saturday's Manny is up at the crack of dawn. On school days it's a struggle. The cold hand though, that's mean LOL. I go with Brrrrrrr kisses on the neck.


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