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Twin Tuesday: Terrible Twos!

Hey Y’all:

While searching the web for assistance with the terrible twos stage for the twins I came across a terrible twos countdown calculator this is what it says:

You have 418 days – 12 hours – 9 minutes – and 0 seconds until your child is out of the terrible twos phase.

Folks I’m not sure if I’m going to make it. My babies have become little, tiny, super cute “NO” yelling defiant crumb snatchers! They say NO to everything, they fight, they cry for no reason, they don’t want to go to the potty and they don’t even want to kiss me anymore…

Here is what happened last night:

Me: Myles please eat something
Him: No thank you
Me: Come on eat the sweet potatoes and chicken
Him: No
I then proceed to try and put it in his mouth but of course he spits it out and then asks me to wipe his arm off.

Me: Leah please put the candle back
Her: No
Me: Leah put it back now
Her: OK Mommy
Then she gets the plug to the cell phones to drape around her neck.

They fight with Erick and each other…

Leah: Mywooooooooos (Myles in Leah speak) give meeeeee pacifiya (that’s pacifier in Leah/Myles speak)
Myles: Noooooooooooo
Leah: Give me
Myles: Noooooooooooooo, mine
Leah: Mommmmmmmie
Me: Will you PLEASE stop fighting
Erick: Mommy Myles just punched me in my stomach

It’s non stop from the time I walk in the door until they are finally asleep.

What happened to my babies? I want them back and this stage to be OVER.

Any seasoned twin parents out there who can get me through this???

Until next time… (pray for me)

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