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Everyday Superstar: Ms Kaeisha O’Neal

Hey Y’all:

My Everyday Superstar is Ms. Kaeisha O’Neal. KO and I currently work together and I think she is a phenomenal and inspiring young woman. I asked if she would write a short biography to share, here we go.

I am so excited to be thought of as an Everyday Superstar.

As much as I want to be modest about it, it feels great and ensures me I’m on the right
track. I have to start with thanking my mom for all the inspiration and
encouragement. As far as I can remember I have always been a busy body having my hand in anything I can put my energy into. My childhood was filled with academic
activities and dance; teen years is when I was introduced to contributing to
my community with various volunteer projects and college taught me about
making serious commitments to both myself (personally and professionally) as
well as continuing my service contribution.

This brings me to present day; I am still busy as ever and loving every bit
of it. I am a proud lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for the last eight
years and counting. In the past several years I have aligned myself with
other organizations and worked to stay involved consistently and grow
steadily within them. They include
Step Up Women’s Network; Advertising Women of NewYork; New York Urban League Young Professionals and my Alma Mater (UVA) Young Alumni Council.

I am proud of all my commitments and each of them has a positive impact on my
growth. Trying to be the best that I can be, I also make sure that I don’t
over commit myself and ensure I can actually give as much as I can take. In
being consistent I have seen and experience the benefits of it. As I mature
I find that I don’t always have to ask to be involved with various projects,
but I am being tapped to do so. That is an awesome feeling. It means someone
is watching and they like what they see and what I have proven.

What’s next for me? That will be dedicating more time to my blog; working really hard to really train for a fitness competition and finally to start to put
my passions into true action. I have contributed to various organizations and efforts;eventually I want to spearhead my own. So look out for my etiquette school/program for girls and hopefully my own spa.

My advice before I go is: it’s ok to dream but put it on paper. Grab that pen and write it out and right it over and over again until it is engraved in your head. Treat each new day like it is a new year this way you give 100% with each sunrise. I hope the spark from my superstar (thank you Mrs. D) inspires you, because so many other super duper stars inspired me and continue to do so everyday.

Ok y’all now that you’ve seen the first post please send me your Everyday Superstar for next weeks edition.

Until next time…


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