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5-4-3-2-1 Summer Camp Blast off!

Hey Y’all:

I know it’s a bit early in your mind to start thinking about summer time especially since it’s still cold outside (if you are in the north east it might even be snowing like it is for me right now) but…. I received a booklet in the mail yesterday about summer camp and it got me to thinking. Registration forms are typically due by March/April. I guess I need to get the ball rolling because Erick is going SOMEWHERE this summer!

My mom was a stay at home but we still either went to sleep away camp for a couple weeks or went to visit a relative out of state. Most of my family members who live out of state have to work as well so we don’t have that option and I’m not to keen on any type of sleep away camp for Erick just yet. Since I’m embarking upon this journey of finding summer camps for my little one I figured I’d share a top 5 list of things to think about when searching for a summer camp.

5. Location – Should the camp be near home or work? How long is the commute to said center. Would you rather deal with a pick up and drop off bus service or do you want to do the honors yourself? Lots to consider

4. Hours – Now if you are like me and work from 9-6 you need a camp the opens early and closes late. If the camp doesn’t offer either of those options you have to consider alternate options like someone else taking your little one to camp and picking them up. Lot to think about so make sure you know what the hours are. Some places have later hours but you have to pay more… make sure you aren’t shocked by any of this in the unfortunate instance that you are stuck and can’t pick your child up on time.

3. Activities – There are so many summer camps out there. Make sure the camp you choose has everything that your child would be interested in . I would recommend a camp the offers a range of activities like day trips, sports, education etc… if you choose a camp that only has one particular focus your poor little one might get bored.

2. Affiliation – Most large churches and synagogues have summer camps, then you have the YMCA and camps that are run through schools and private organizations. Make sure you are comfortable with the camp affiliation.

1. Price – Camp can be rather costly! Especially if you have more then one child attending. You have to consider what your true budget is and what it includes. Is the camp price all inclusive? Does the total price cover meals and all activities or will you have to come out of pocket for those? Make sure you read the fine print. Don’t want to get any surprises during the summer. If Erick comes home with a permission slip to go to Six Flags it better be included in that over all payment I made when he registered!

Here are a few sites I’ve fond for the Greater NY area to assist with finding summer camps.
Camp Page
Free & Cheap Camps

What are your suggestions? I need all your help.

Until next time…

3 replies on “5-4-3-2-1 Summer Camp Blast off!”

I was in a panick when January 3rd rolled around and I just remembered that the camp of my choice opened registration on January 1!! Yes its that serious. I used the same criteria as you to make my decision, price, location, activities and reputation/ratings were big for me. More so activities and reputation. I wanted to make sure Jaiden was exposed to more than glorified babysitting and that the administration was warm and welcoming. So I checked local mommy boards, asked friends and friends of friends. Also I visited a camp expo at a local mall where 30 camps set up shot and go to talk to representatives. Good luck in your search.


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