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The Derrick Ashong Experience

Hey Y’all:

I mentioned him in my MLK Day post but I gotta tell you some more about Derrick Ashong! I’m so proud of him. He is a young man that my husband performs and records music with. The name of the group is Soulfege but the great news is that … Derrick now has his very own show on Oprah’s Sirius XM station!!!!!!!

The show airs tomorrow 1/23 live from Park City, Utah with a the band and celebrity guests! You can listen to the show online here if you don’t have Sirius XM.

Check out his interview from this morning at Good Things Utah (at the end you’ll get a cameo of my husband among the ladies in the ‘audience’)

Here is a little bit from the press release about Derrick and the show:

About Derrick

Derrick N. Ashong, or DNA as he is sometimes known, is a Ghana, West Africa, native and has dedicated his life to building bridges between the fields of business, media, technology, youth culture, pop culture and politics. Derrick has lectured on five continents on the use of media as a tool for human development, including recent talks at the London School of Economics, King’s College (Cambridge), the Reconciliation Forum in Washington, D.C., the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and before UK Parliament on the subject of “The Obama Generation.” He is a member of the internationally recognized Next Generation Leadership Forum and a participant in the Arts & Entertainment task force of the U.S.-Islamic World Forum. Derrick is a Harvard graduate and resides in Los Angeles, where he is the leader of the band, Soulfège.

About Derrick’s Show

Taking social media to the next level, the The Derrick Ashong Experience is socially meaningful media designed to entertain, inform and elevate the national dialogue. Experience a multiplatform, globally plugged-in community with interests spanning the arts, society, business and politics and with the passion to seek the truth and to empower seekers to make a true difference.

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