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Missy’s Magical Moment

Hey Y’all:

So you’ve seen pictures of Leah right? She’s beautiful (yes I’m biased) but she is right? She’s the cutest little girl I could have ever imagined making! She’s Missy and she’s mine. Well…. Missy doesn’t like to get her hair done and I LOVE doing hair. When she sees me with the light blue comb and the Blue Magic or Just For Me hair mosturizer, girlfriend takes OFF! Yes, she runs from me. I have to beg her to let me do her hair she just doesn’t like to get it done.

All that said.. I was asked by the wonderful Blogrollers if I would be interested in doing a product review. A product review for what you might ask? Well… for the new hair care and body line from Carol’s Daughter! Let me correct myself this is the hair care and body line from Carol’s Daughter in honor of and conjunction with Disney for our first African American Disney Princess, Princess Tiana! Got your attention now? Good!

Just in case you need some background

In the early 1990’s, Brooklyn native Lisa Price (a.k.a. Carol’s daughter) began experimenting with fragrance, essential oils and natural moisturizers to make gifts for her family and friends. Soon after she packaged her home-spun creations, word spread like wildfire and the demand for her unparalleled hair and body care products led to a highly successful mail-order and web-based business. Within a few years, Carol’s Daughter counted celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Brad Pitt and Chaka Khan as loyal fans, or as she refers to them, “friends of the family.”

If you’ve seen the movie Princess and The Frog you totally get the connection between Princess Tiana and Carol’s Daughter.

We received:
“Sharing Means Caring” Bubble Bath  – As soon as Leah and  Myles heard the water in the bathtub turn on they came running. So naturally both of them ended up taking a bath… what started out in my mind to be a Missy Magical Moment ended up being a Twin Magical Moment. We loved the bubble bath it certainly had plenty of bubbles which kept the kiddies entertained. “Sharing Means Caring” Bubble bath also smells wonderful and got the two pretty clean.

“The Beauty Within”Shampoo – Now here cames the struggle… I had to actually apply this to her hair y’all! Do you see all of that hair? Ok so it was a process to say the very least but we got it done and of course I had wash Myles’ hair as well. “The Beauty Within” smells just as nice as the bubble bath. It had a lovely lather and got my girls hair good and clean after having a braided do for a week or so.

“Inner Shine” Conditioner – That is some good conditioner y’all. It was thick and a little difficult to get out of the bottle but it smelled wonderful and left Leah’s hair with a beautiful shine and pretty loose curls.
I recommend this line of products to all the Mommy’s of beautiful mocha little girls just like mine.
Until next time…


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