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Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2010

Hey Y’all:

In honor of the life and legacy of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Erick and I participated in a volunteer project through “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day.” We had a fun filled day at Martin Luther King, Jr. H.S. in NYC, we volunteered with Children for Children! Erick and I created placemats, decorated eco friendly shopping bags and desinged book marks. We made a Valentines Day card for a vision impaired person and wrote cards to children who will attend summer camp this year. It was really a great experience for Erick with a rather large turn out! Check out some of our pictures!
Our celebration as a family actually started on Sunday evening, we had the pleasure of attending an event in Newark NJ with Mayor Cory Booker, Derrick Ashong and Vicki Winans! It was excited to be in a room full of dignitaries and ‘stars’ as my mom would say we were ‘rubbing elbows’ with the big wigs.

The celebration was a true example of what Dr. King represented; the church ran the gamit of ethincities Dr. King would have been very proud. Mayor Booker was a gracious host, funny and cute as could be! Derrick Ashong – who is a personal friend of the family and the new host of the “Derrick Ashong Experience” on Oprah’s Sirus XM station – was the keynote speaker. He inspired us with a speech about hope and a beautiful song from his homeland of Ghana. Vicki Winans was her usual funny self! She came in straight from the taping of the Stella awards where she won album of the year. Mrs. Winans was great as usually, it was fun to witness a Gospel concert in a Catholic church! During the beginning of the program a young lady sang “Ava Maria” after her song Myles and Leah proceeded to clap, alone! So seeing the the audience up on their feet clapping and singing along with Vicki Winans was awesome.

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Dr. King as a family. How did you celebrate?

Until next time…

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