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Adoption Wednesday – The Babies In Haiti

Hey Y’all:

I know I am always talking about domestic adoption but with the earthquake in Haiti I began to think about all the children who are going to be without families. Just looking at the pictures of the littlest victims makes me so sad.

So I did what I do best and that’s search the web for information on these little ones. Here’s the skinny. As is typical adoption is DIFFICULT to say the least but the adoption of children who a affected by a natural disaster is even more difficult. You see there is no way to prove that the children are actually orphaned. Especially if they are small and cannot communicate. It could be that a child was living at home in Haiti with their grandparents or another family member while there parents went to another country (typically the US) for a better life and were going to send for their child when there finances allowed. In this case the child cannot be put up for adoption but if there is no proof that the child is without family – well you know the rest.

Now specifically for Haiti and the babies that were affected on January 12th it’s even worse…. according to InterCountry Adoption Office of Children’s Issues U.S. Department of State

Haitian law does not allow for a Haitian child to travel to the United States to be adopted. Therefore, prospective adoptive parents must obtain a full and final adoption under Haitian law before the child can immigrate to the United States. Prospective adoptive parents can expect a lengthy process to adopt a child in Haiti. 

Furthermore specific to the Earthquake…

During times of crisis, it can also be exceptionally difficult to fulfill the legal requirements for adoption of both the U.S. and the child’s country of origin.  This is especially true when civil authority breaks down or temporarily ceases to function.   It can also be difficult to gather documents necessary to fulfill the legal requirements of U.S. immigration law.  There are many ways in which U.S. citizens can help the children in areas of natural disaster or conflict.  For example, individuals who wish to assist can make a financial contribution to a reputable relief or humanitarian organization working in that country.  

At this time it is important that we donate to the humanitarian organizations that work in the country and most importantly PRAY for the babies.

Here are three reputable organizations.
Save the Children
Habitat for Humanity

Until next time…


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