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Top 10 Reasons Why…

Hey Y’all:

While on the subway this morning I noticed something on each advertisement I saw. I noticed a .com, .edu, .org or .net and realized that I love the internet! So here is my top 10 reasons…

I ❤ (HEART) The Internet

10. If not for the internet I wouldn’t have a job! I currently work for an internet company and have work in the digital space for the past 12 years.

9. I would never have found my friend from New Zealand. Recently on Facebook I reconnected with a friend that I worked with in 1995!

8. How else would I find tips and tricks on being a fab mother? The internet has connected me to some of the greatest sites about parenting!

7. The internet gives me a chuckle just about everyday! I’ve found urban legends, jokes, funny pictures and sites that are just plain ridiculous(but I love it!)

6. Viral Video -My favs are Miss Teen USA 2007, Wedding Dance Intro and Evian Roller Babies

5. AIM – How else would I communicate with my coworker who sits 10 feet away from me? Heaven forbit I get up and TALK to her!!!! Somebody might hear us LOL
4. Twitter – I’m still trying to figure it out… but can you imagine 2010 without it?

3. Knowledge! Knowledge is power and I’ve learned so much about me, life and parenthood from the internet.

2. If  not for the internet I would never have met the wonderful women of Disney’s Magical Mocha Mom’s October 2009. If not for them I wouldn’t be blogging!

The #1 reason why I ❤ the Internet is because  MrsDevetersFabJourney would not have been born. I would not have the ability to share my musing and the journey I call life, with all of you. You would miss out on all the fun drama that is the Brown family. So I am so grateful for the internet!

Can you agree?

Until next time…

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